The Bio-Foundation Switzerland was founded in 1987 as a non-profit organization (according Art. 80 ff. ZGB) by Dr. Rainer Bächi in Thurgau, Switzerland. The purpose of the foundation is to promote environmentally-friendly agriculture as well as ecological consumer patterns.

“Organic agriculture is the expression of individual responsibility for man and for the environment. The organic farmer builds on the past for the future.“ (Dr. Rainer Bächi, founder member)

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The IMO Institute for Marketecology was established as a department of the Bio-Foundation in 1989 and has been evolved into one of the leading control and certification agencies for organic products worldwide. IMO’s portfolio today contains about 70 different ecological and social standards with respective international, national and regional labels. In this context the Bio-Foundation has opened up the organic markets in Europe, USA and Japan for thousands of smallholder farmers from Africa, Asia and South America.
Since then the Bio-Foundation has been actively involved in numerous successful projects.

In 2012 the Bio-Foundation Switzerland has decided to separate the operational business from the organization and by this to allow a re-direction of its aims and activities. Once the re-organization process has been finished, the Bio-Foundation intends to get more engaged in capacity building for sustainability questions, social justice issues, associative economy and artistic research projects. In order to provide for a sufficient financial basis to support such initiatives, the Bio-Foundation will be more focused on fund-raising.

The foundation has its registered seat in Romanshorn (TG) and is under supervision of the Ostschweizer BVG- und Stiftungsaufsicht in St.Gallen.
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