Fair For Life

An alternative Fair Trade Certification

The Fair for Life programme was developed by the Bio-Foundation together with IMO as an alternative fair trade certification programme to define fair trade criteria for all producers and all products.
The aim of the Fair For Life programme is to create the conditions needed to improve the life and situation of seriously disadvantaged farmers and workers on all continents, in all cultures and in all areas of production. For this reason, the Bio-Foundation does not charge licence fees on the Fair For Life logo.
The Fair for Life social and fair trade certification and the Fair for Life seal have found ready acceptance on the international market as the programme adds important criteria to the existing fair trade systems. A Fair for Life certification is thus, for many producers and firms, the key that opens the door to the growing worldwide fair trade market.

The programme is in accordance with all relevant standards like the ILO conventions, SA 8000, the Fairtrade Labelling Organisation (FLO) standards as well as the social criteria of the IFOAM. Stringent requirements are stipulated for social accountability, the observance of the principles of fair trade and for a responsible way of dealing with nature and the environment. Wherever possible, local conditions and specific cultural features are respected and taken into consideration. A rating system is used to evaluate what has been achieved and is able to show in a simple fashion the annual improvement in performance and any commitment exceeding the minimum demands.
The Fair for Life programme has extended the definition of traditional fair trade in that fair trade principles can also be applied to regionally-produced goods and to domestic trade if in this way disadvantaged producers, producer-groups or workers can be supported in a local context. Beyond this, Fair for Life demands socially accountable working conditions throughout the entire trade chain. Producers, manufacturers, business enterprises and brand-name companies all share this responsibility in a world of globalized trade. In addition to the social and the fair trade criteria, environmental criteria are an essential part of the Fair for Life programme.
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