Institute for Marketecology

Innovative business culture committed to Sustainability

The Bio-Foundation initiated the Institute for Marketecology (IMO) and supported it as the department at the heart of a worldwide group of inspection and certification offices.
In only 15 years, the IMO has grown from a two-man business to an international group of companies, the IMOgroup AG, with 30 agencies and 400 employees in over 90 countries. In its statutes, the IMOgroup AG, has also committed itself to public service principles. The most important part of the work is the bridge-building between producers and consumers: the certification of producers and products out of environmentally-friendly and socially accountable production like organic food, natural fabrics, sustainable forestry, natural cosmetics and fair trade. IMO has made a name as a highly qualified, independent certification body as well as a promoter of regional/local development and of sustainable projects in developing countries.

The internal structures and principles of IMO are groundbreaking and innovative both in the business and in the social context. The success of the organisation – especially in the field of services and quality control – is rooted in the motivation of the staff, the collegial atmosphere and the mutual trust within the organisation. IMO is recognized as a family-friendly corporation characterized by flexible working hours, part-time positions, teleworking as well as individualized workplace organisation.
At the centre of all sustainable quality assurance is independent responsibility. Within the control system, IMO wishes to strengthen this independent quality assurance through trust and self-control at both staff level and customer level.
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