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About a Picture Book Project for Adults and Children

While the market for organic products is developing at an incredible speed, awareness for what is actually required by the guidelines, or the provision of consulting and guidance for the businesses is lagging way behind. This makes it tempting to produce solely because of the higher prices and to take the easy way by choosing conventional means instead of attempting to understand what lies behind this different approach; only when you come to an understanding of the basic interrelated principles can your own motivation be awakened and your own actions be rooted in the acquired insights.
This is the reason why the Bio-Foundation decided to bring out a small, easily understandable book on the principles of organic farming; it should be understandable for the simple farmers in developing countries and available for schools and consumers, too. Moreover, it should be freely accessible on the internet, as a whole as well as in individual units (e.g. for school lessons). In the same way, the text should consist of units which can at any time be easily translated into other languages and be combined with the illustrations.
From the very beginning the transmission of intellectual knowledge alone was only one aspect; the book should be given an artistic expression which interprets the content in such a way as to transform it into a total work of art which speaks to the spirit and the soul of the reader and motivates him to act accordingly. To each theme there should be an illustration which, together with the text (superimposed), or separately where appropriate, can be put together with the cover and the front page and be printed out as a book.
The Bio-Foundation has published an invitation to tender for this project.
The result of this project has been published on this website: Explore the book online or download the PDF version.
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